Districts 3-6 LDR Update Comments

In the Rural LDR update electeds removed 1,800 units of unrestricted rural residential development from our county build out totals. This was a major accomplishment. Removing this development potential from rural areas of the county protected open space, prevented suburban sprawl, reduced future traffic pressure, and decreased the number of free market units that drive our overpopulation problem, and our workforce housing deficit. In the current process of  updating the LDRs for Districts 3-6, we should not let a single one of these removed rural units return to market without a local workforce occupancy deed restriction on it. Every one of these units should be focused into the urban core of Jackson. The only exception could be for businesses outside of the urban core that are interested in building workforce housing on site. None of these units should be added to base zoning. They should only be available as a bonus opportunity. By relaxing FAR, height, and parking restrictions for these deed restricted units – essentially removing land costs from the equation – we can incentivize their development. These units should be size and deed restricted, but sell and rent at whatever price the market will bear. The size limits and local workforce occupancy restrictions will serve to suppress prices and ensure affordability for working people.

Regarding; Subarea 6.1: Low to Medium Density Neighborhoods:
Remove the potential for the doubling or tripling the density in stable periphery neighborhoods by removing the ARU development option.

Regarding Subarea 3.4: May Park Area:
Do not perpetuate the past planning error that was made in this area. Creating a dense node at the periphery of town surrounded by less dense neighborhoods was a very bad idea. New zoning should aim to reduce density the May Park Area.

Regarding Subareas 4.1: Midtown Highway Corridor, Subarea 4.3: Central Midtown, Subarea 5.1: West Jackson Highway Corridor, and Subarea 5.3: High School Butte:
These are prime areas for dense workforce occupancy deed restricted housing development near transit, services, shopping and jobs. Don’t waste the opportunity.

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