3 thoughts on “If higher density is the key to affordable housing will the community accept it?”

  1. The working class (who keep this valley running) will; the upperclass (including those who only spend a few weeks in JH per year yet own huge properties) wouldn’t want anything disrupting their elitist fantasy of old Jackson Hole combined with nouveau-Aspen.

    Do I sound cynical? It’s probably because I’m cynical.

    1. Go back to February and read about the developer’s plan for this site: most of these units will be used to house imported foreign visa workers for the hospitality/industrial complex. You seem to be an American- this is not for you.

  2. The 56 unit sardine can development proposed for Vine and Kelly doesn’t seem to be getting a rousing vote of confidence, either from the community or from those sacred Oracles, “The Planners”. Just sayin’.

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