2 thoughts on “Do we need to require parking for workforce housing in the urban core?”

  1. Nah, no need for workforce housing to have parking:

    -They’ll get here, a remote rural area, with their stuff, by public transit. Wait, there is none. They’ll hitchhike. With their stuff.
    -They’ll all take the bus. Even if they work late shifts. Even if they work for a contractor or other business that requires them to visit multiple job sites or clients. Even if they have tools, equipment, safety gear that they need to do their jobs. They’ll manage.
    -They’ll ride their bikes. Even if they work late, and have to get to multiple, possibly remote locations, with tools, etc. In the dark. In the rain. In January, at -20.
    -They won’t have kids that have to go anywhere a bus can’t take them, or at inconvenient times. They won’t have emergencies. They won’t need to shop for groceries or anything else that they can’t carry in one hand on to a bus.
    -They are all coffee house baristas and hipster nonprofit workers who carry nothing but sleek laptops.

    The local elites might read this and choose to lead by example and live the public transit life here in this remote Wyoming valley with a Siberian climate.
    Instead, they will continue to intone the mantra: More Buses!!!

  2. I used to live in New York City. If you were content with what the city had to offer, you didn’t need a car. In fact, it was a nuisance to own one.
    Not here. It must be abundantly clear to the obtuse elites who govern us that people come to this valley because of what’s OUTSIDE of town, not because of town itself.
    You NEED a car to live in rural Wyoming. In fact, what you need is a TRUCK. So stop buying buses and widen the roads.

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